6 ways my backpacking adventures have made me a better person.

We are convinced that modern technology makes our life easier.

Let me introduce you to an essential part of your being.

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Words can be powerful. But true wisdom is passed on through thoughts coupled with actions.

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Escaping from the mess doesn’t mean I sweep problems under the rug.

Photo by author

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is my career on Medium.

Some useful advice from an ultra-runner—for the times when the going gets tough.

Scorching heat, freezing cold, slippery terrain and upwind are some of the vexing external factors that can make it almost impossible to surpass our best achievement — especially if we are not used to these weather conditions.
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No harsh critics or rants — just an attempt to understand the incomprehensible.

Objective reality is ruled by our fantasy

Zsófia Sáfár

Story-teller. Wonderer. Practitioner of traditional Yoga. Hobby photographer. Adventurer – inside and out. Top writer in Travel.

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