Irony, sarcasm and cynicism are great tools that can make a discussion more radiant – and create meaningful memories. Here are some lines (taken out of context) that baffled me a bit.

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Morning mood

Friend: I hate humans!

Me: Don’t worry, we will be extinct before you know it.

Friend: I can’t…

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Self-improvement is not a comfortable process, yet, due to our nature, we strive for getting better than our current self. According to Abraham Maslow, every human being has an in-built need for personal development, that is the quest to make ourselves better in any and every aspect of our life.

Image by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash

Digging deep into my mind, I can clearly recall one of my earliest memories: the 4-year old Sofia is curiously looking through a keyhole, watching her parents and her grandma quarrelling.

The next scene I remember is me, my mother and my brother walking hand-in-hand, heading to the bus station…

Zsófia Sáfár

Story-teller. Wonderer. Practitioner of traditional yoga. Hobby photographer. Adventurer – inside and out. Top writer in Travel.

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